Meet The Feministas

Hello! My name is Angel and I run Avid Reader, a blog about books, their movies and writing in general! I’m very passionate about feminism and am so excited to be working with the rest of the feministas on this blog to help bring young and fresh opinions about controversial topics to the table! I hope you enjoy it!

Blog: Avid Reader | Twitter: @avidreaderblog | Other Social Media: Click here

An Overthinking Teenager
I’m a 15 year old anonymous (female!) blogger from England. I love music and reading – music-wise, Bastille, Ella Eyre and Lauren Aquilina are THE BEST, and book-wise, I love Rainbow Rowell, Harry Potter (obvs), and a whole lot more! I’m so glad to be a “Feminista,” as I really want to prove that the young generation do more on their phones than text and play Flappy Bird (but c’mon, Flappy Bird rocks, amiright?). Hope you enjoy the blog!

Blog: Books, Tea, and a Onesie | Twitter: @booksteaonesie | Instagram: @booksteaonesie

I’m Bella, a high school junior and blogger who lives in on the East Coast of the United States. I’m also an avid reader {I love to discuss books for any age and of any genre}, font geek {I could talk about typography for days}, and frequent organizer {color-coordinating my calendar brings me joy}. When I’m not stuck with my nose in a book or with a pencil in hand, I can be found stage managing school productions, stuck in a yoga pose, or writing yet another to-do list. I couldn’t be more excited to write for The Feministas, as I strongly believe in gender equality and recognize the power of the written word.

Blog: Ciao BellaTwitter: @chic_and_petitePinterest: @chicandpetite | Goodreads: @isabellaanne

I’m Cora from Scotland. I am a 20 year old book blogging student who loves photography, reading, and music. I’m a little bit clumsy, but I’m a very big dreamer with a passion for speaking out about real issues that affect people today and helping others around the world. I am very excited to be part of The Feministas alongside these brilliant bloggers showing the world that young people do have voices that should be heard.

Blog: Smalltown Bookworm | Twitter @smalltownbkworm

I’m Elly and I’m so happy to be a part of this blog!  I’m the youngest of the Feministas, which can be a little daunting at times, but I still like to get my opinions heard. My hobbies include writing, reading, blogging, cuddling cats, dancing, and fangirling, amongst plenty of others! I love Harry Potter and Disney and am always up for a rant, ramble, moan or fangirling session. This blog is good for me because it means that I can voice my opinions about things that affect me and others and share them with all of you!  I love to hear what people think about my posts, so be sure to comment if you enjoy them or think I could improve! 🙂

Blog: A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts | Twitter: @badgerunicorn | Instagram: @egb1708 | Pinterest: @badgerunicorn

I’m Elm – a 15-year-old, stereotypical girl with rather bad eyesight (when I say rather bad I mean actually blind) who, well, doesn’t really know what she’s doing. I adore books, singing, blogging and talking to people. I’m also very sarcastic, sound like a horse when I’m laughing, and VERY passionate about Feminism and issues with society in general. It’s amazing to be a part of this and I’ll just shut up before I start blubbering. I hope you enjoy whatever I manage to churn out of this blasted machine 🙂

Blog: Just Call Me Elm or Something | Twitter: @theotherelm

I’m Emily, the book blogger from Alwaysopinionatedgirl who absolutely adores books – in particular Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments and The Hunger Games. In addition to reading, I love watching Arrow, the Flash, and Scorpion on TV and eating a lot! I am often disappointed by the media’s portrayal of young people so I am really excited to be part of this blog where I’ll have the opportunity to talk about important issues and show the world young people really do care. I feel like this is so important because we are the next generation so we deserve a say.

Blog: Always Opinionated Girl | Twitter @opinionful

I’m Hannah. I am a 16 year old blogger from North Yorkshire. My life basically consists of blogging, Tumblr, TV shows and chicken nuggets (okay now I’m hungry again – it really doesn’t take much). I love Harry Potter, Friends, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars, Orange is The New Black, gossip girl, The Fault in Our Stars And so much more.  I am so excited to be a part of this blog as I am a passionate feminist and a generally opinionated person and am really excited to have the opportunity to share my opinions on important issues with the world along side 10 other amazing bloggers! xx

Blog: Sun and Stars | Twitter: @sunandstarsblog

I’m Janet. I’m 19, I live in England, and I still don’t really know what I want to do with my life. I started my blog, The Storyteller, about five years ago after being encouraged by some friends, and since then, writing has been my passion. I write about all sorts of things, from music, sport, films, personal issues and many more – it tends to be whatever is on my mind! I am currently studying English with American Literature at University.

I love reading, some of my favourite books include the Harry Potter series, Time Riders, Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, Rebecca… there are too many to name! Films are also a big part of my life – I love films of all genres and I find it difficult to pick a favourite. I’m so excited to be a part of this project and to work with these lovely bloggers to discuss issues and make sure that young people’s voices and opinions are heard.

Blog: The Storyteller | Twitter: @janetbargmann| Instagram: @janetbargmann | Goodreads: @janetbargmann

I’m Michelle a.k.a. The Writing Hufflepuff or Writing Badger. I just turned eighteen and am planning on studying journalism in the fall. One of the reasons that I want to be a journalist is that I want to bring all the injustices in the world to light and try to do something about it, so of course I’m really excited about this blog! I hope that we’ll be able to inspire many people all over the world and that we’ll actually make a change – even if it’s a small one. My blog is where I mostly write about books and writing, with a dash of personal posts as well.

Blog: The Writing Hufflepuff | Twitter: @writingbadger | Instagram: @thewritinghufflepuff

I’m Nell. I’m one of the younger bloggers in this group – aged only 13 – and I live in England. I’ve loved reading from a young age but only as I’ve gotten older have I read more diverse books. As many others, I started with Harry Potter and am now reading classics and LGBT+ books. I feel very strongly about equality in every sense so I’m looking forward to being able to express all those feelings via this blog!

Blog: Untold Novels | Twitter: @untoldnovels | Instagram: @untoldnovels

I’m Erin, the newest member of the team. I love cats, books and pretty much anything sci-fi related. I am a huge nerd and one of my biggest passion is cosplay, which I blog about on my personal book blog. I am a feminist and have been active in the community for about a year. This is a cause that I feel extremely passionate about as I have experience gender related injustice first hand. I love being able to express my views and educate others and this blog is the perfect place to do so!

Blog: Serenity Books | Twitter: @erinnisobel | Instagram: @erinisobel


Hi! I am the newest member of this blog, and am so incredibly exited to be on board with such an amazing group! My blog is my own little personal corner of the internet I use to share my thoughts and point of views on different subjects, and it is my absolute favorite thing in the world. Aside from blogging, I love Taylor Swift (don’t lie, you do too), cats, reading, playing guitar and Christmas (some people say a little too much, I say just the right amount). One of the reasons I started my blog, was to speak out about things in this world that I believe need to be changed – if you read my blog, I post about these things a lot – so this is the perfect place to do so!

Blog: Love, Sydney | Twitter: @LoveSydneyBlog | Instagram: @lovesydneyblog


*no longer a member of this site


12 thoughts on “Meet The Feministas

  1. Kayleigh says:

    You lovely lot are fab and I’m excited to see what you all do and achieve with this blog. Wishing the 10 of you the best of luck with everything!

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  2. charliiandmeg says:

    This big is literally the best idea ever! I found you on twitter and had to take a look at your blog! How did you come up with the name? It’s so clever! :’) ❤

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