Women In The Olympics

In case you pay absolutely no attention to what is going on, the Olympic games are currently taking place in Rio, Brazil. I am not a massive fan of sports, but during the Olympics I am glued to the TV or live streams online. My favourite events to watch are swimming, diving, and gymnastics (gymnastics being my all time favourite). But that is not the point right now.

The point is, that in these Olympics, women from across the globe have been absolutely killing it. From Simone Biles, to Penny Oleksiak and more, women of all ages and all nationalities have been smashing the records and making history.

If you don’t believe me, head on over to the Rio app and take a look at the medal count for Canada (12) and who won all of those medals. You will soon realise, it was all women. Al 12 of Canada’s current medals have been won by women, and four of them in the pool by (individually or in relay) the Toronto native, 16-year-old Penny Oleksiak. At 16 years old, Penny is the only Canadian athlete to win four medals in one summer Olympic games, the first swimmer (male or female) to win gold in 100m Freestyle since 1992 and now is the beholder of two bronze, one silver, and one gold medal. And through all of this she has stayed her humble and bubbly self.

Going back to Pennny’s gold in 100m Freestyle, that was actually a tied gold race. She tied with team USA’s Simon Manuel, the first ever women of colour to single-handedly (meaning not in relay) win a gold in the pool. Both winning their gold in Olympic record timing.

Then we can also take a look at the american gymnast Simone Biles, who is now being referred to as possibly the greatest gymnast of all time. At 19, she has a tumbling pass named after her (which even some of the male athletes she trains with cannot land) and her dismount on beam is the hardest in the world, making her the only one to compete with it. At these Olympics, every time she has competed so far, she has brought home a gold (3 in total). Typically gymnasts will win by hundredths or even thousandths of a point, but she is able to do it with a one or two point gap between her and her competitor. Yet, she remains giggly and friendly, still cheering on her fellow competitors and teammates and even announcing that she is more happy for Aly Raisman (fellow US gymnast) for winning silver in all around finals, than she is for herself for winning gold in the same event, because Aly has been wanting this for so long and got it.

There is then Oksana, the 41 year old gymnast from Uzbekistan who is married and has a son, and just completed her seventh, and final, Olympic games today – while still holding her own against gymnast who are at most, half her age.

In the vault finals today, we saw a Swiss gymnast take home the bronze, making her mark in the history books as well.

Another Canadian won bronze in the heptathlon yesterday, making her the first ever Canadian to medal in the event at the Olympics.

The other day in 800m Freestyle, Katie Ledecky took home the gold (as well as the gold in 200 and 400m Freestyle) in record breaking time (I believe breaking her own previous record, but I could be wrong), and with a large lead over her competitors the entire race.

And these are only a few of the accomplishments, the ones I can fully remember and watched. I know their have been many more record breaking accomplishments, or just incredible accomplishments in their own respect, from all women of all nationalities at these Olympics.

Throughout these games, I have not only been cheering on Canada, but all women from all nationalities. Because through all of the sexism thrown their way from reporters, journalists, and spectators alike, the women have still been able to pull through with record breaking strength, making them all incredible roll models for everyone.

And although their have been men accomplishing incredible things as well, it is time for women to show that they can accomplish just as much as men can do, and this Olympics that is just what they are showing every single time they have stepped up to plate.


What do you think of this years Olympic’s?

Sydney Xx




3 thoughts on “Women In The Olympics

  1. Gina says:

    Great post. As a proud Brit I’ve been thoroughly impressed with our female athletes, particularly our rowers who have achieved great results and also the female cyclists. It’s a great time for women in sport! X

    Liked by 1 person

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