How I Ramadan

Hello friends! It’s Angel here and it’s been quite a bit since I’ve talked to you guys on here! Why I am here right now is because Ramadan started 12 days ago (wow has it been that long?!) and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about it on Twitter. So I thought I’d answer the questions on here and explain how I Ramadan. Hope you enjoy and learn a little something! Before we start though, I’d like to remind you guys that I am only one person and can’t represent the entirety of Islam….hence the “I”. Ok now let’s go:

  • What is Ramadan? What do you do in Ramadan?
    • Well in the simplest of terms, Ramadan is basically the holy, obligatory month of fasting for all Muslims around the world. The specific timing of it changes every year if you’re looking at the Gregorian calendar (aka the January – December calendar). In actuality though, it’s always the same month in the Islamic year and that month is called Ramadan (I wonder why….lol).
  • So, uh, how long do you fast? What is fasting?
    • The length of hours of when a Muslim fasts depends on where you are in the world but you also fast in between sunrise and sunset. For me, right now, I fast about 16 hours and 25 mins. During the time of the fasting, you are not allowed to have any food or water and yes, that even means no water.  You’re also not allowed to have sexual intercourse which, considering I’m nowhere near married, means nothing to me….
  • Is there anything else?
    • Yup! There are levels to fasting actually. Not eating, drinking and having sex is the first bar. The second bar is abstaining from saying, hearing, seeing, touching or doing anything bad. Some examples are: dressing modestly, not saying curse words, not watching anything bad *cough like Game of Thrones cough* ……That’s the level I’m at right now. I already dress pretty modestly, I don’t swear, don’t touch anything I shouldn’t (like wine or pork). The only thing I had to change was not listening or watching anything that included things that included excessive swearing/steamy scenes. That’s half why I rushed to finish my binge-watching of How To Get Away With Murder before Ramadan started. Now the third level is the like ultimate level and it’s that you pretty much think of nothing except God. I’m not totally sure how far that goes but it’s typically scholars who get to that level so I say ask the internet AND the Imam in a nearby mosque what that third level means…

Okay that’s it I believe. If y’all have any more questions, feel free to tweet/DM me! If I don’t know the answer, I’ll send you to someone or something who can hopefully help you. I also suggest you discuss any questions you may have about Islam with someone in a mosque or look it up in the Quran. Thank you guys, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~ Angel, Avid Reader

If you want to see/hear more from me, check out my Find Us page and follow me on the social media listed there! See you!


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