TED Talks: Identity and Acceptance

Hey guys!

Long time no see kind of sums me up right now! With the end of Semester 2 of my first year of University swiftly coming to an end, I’ve suddenly been very busy and haven’t been able to post regularly on my own blog, let alone on here.

BUT I am back today with a post inspired by a video my lecturer showed my class on Friday afternoon, about a Drag Queen named Jeremy Grimins. In class we were learning about writing memoirs, so my lecturer showed us this first before going into details.

The video is 20 minutes long but it’s really worth watching, so I’ll leave it here:

Plus, I’m really jealous of his dance moves… especially in 5 inch heels!

The important thing about this video is learning self-acceptance, and eventually those around you will begin to accept you too. Most of what I want to say is said in the video (after the amazing dance opening) so if you still haven’t watched the video, then you might want to go back and do that!

What did you guys think?

-The Storyteller

Blog: The Storyteller / Twitter: @janetbargmann


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