The Gaps In The Road

Somewhere In America

The video above is one that has been circulating the internet for the last few years and recently made a major reappearance – meaning I (and probably you too) saw it everywhere.  The first time a saw this video, which was a while after it first surfaced on the internet a few years ago, I didn’t have a blog so I never got the chance to talk about it, but now that I do – and that I am a part of one where we all talk about things like this – I wanted to take the chance to talk it over with you guys.

The saddest part of this video? How true it is.

Education is meant to teach you everything you are meant to know and set you on the path to success in life. It is meant to answer all your questions and prepare you for anything life might throw at you.

So how come the most important lessons you will ever learn will probably not be in a classroom?

How come I learned to measure and graph porabola’s but never learned how to protect myself against a predator?

How come I was never taught self-confidence, but was instead told to cover up because my body is a distraction?

How come I learned how to read and analyze Shakespeare but never learned about the importance of equal rights?

And while I must admit, Canada does have less gaps in the road than some other countries, we still do not learn all that we should in school.

Our education is supposed to teach us everything we need to know and more. It is supposed to tell us the truth, and all of the truth. It is supposed to leave no questions unanswered, except for those that are left for our generation to answer. So why, with something as important as learning everything we need to for a successful future, are there still so many gaps in the road?

Your thoughts?

Sydney Xx


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