“Why I am Not a Feminist” – Lauren Southern

Hey guys!

What do you think after watching the video above?

When it first appeared on my Facebook feed a few days ago, I was slightly shocked. Obviously, as I’m sure you know by now, this blog is about equality, which in my eyes, comes into the term “feminism”. Yes, the word itself is “gender bias” but there is a good reason for that.

It’s called “feminism” because when the movement started, it was a movement for women. Nowadays, it depends on what kind of feminist you identify yourself as. Yes, there are feminists who are “angry man haters” and think that women are superior to men. But then you get feminists like myself, and the other bloggers of this group, who believe that feminism means that both sexes are equal, and that is what feminism is all about.

I think that Lauren Southern generalizes quite a bit. Yes, I agreed with some of her points in the video, and there were things she says that I didn’t know beforehand. However, when she says that feminists don’t talk about, or don’t know about males who are raped in the US, I think that’s exactly the reason why we need something like feminism. Personally, I don’t think the name should put people off identifying as a “feminist” just because it’s “gender bias”. In my opinion, feminism is about equality between the sexes and it is in no way implying that women should be “better than men”.

-The Storyteller

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3 thoughts on ““Why I am Not a Feminist” – Lauren Southern

  1. Appletaile says:

    *sighs* I’ve discussed this topic with people before, but personally I still call myself a feminist. Women are still the typically more oppressed group, and therefore we tend to discuss women’s issues more. For instance, we don’t really discuss the rights of non-LGBTQ+ people because they’re not really oppressed.
    I think this video focuses a lot on gender inequality in highly developed countries, but doesn’t take into account places where girls can’t go to school or are forced into marriages. Men of course also experience negative effects of gender stereotypes and are oppressed in many situations, but that does not make them the less privileged group overall.
    Yeah. I should probably have written this when I was…less tired and angry, but there we go haha.

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    • The Storyteller says:

      And the whole “feminism” movement really started with the suffragettes, because women didn’t even have the vote. I know nowadays we are a lot more equal, but it’s still not the same! Haha it’s okay to be angry, it’s good to rant about things which are important!

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