Lets Change The Conversation

This is a topic I had never thought about. I had never considered it to be problem, never even recognized that it had the potential to be one. Why? Because I had been taught that way.

The topic I am talking about, is the questions that women are asked, verses the questions men are asked. Yes, this mainly has to do with the entertainment industry, but never the less shows up in everyone’s life.

Think about it. You are watching a red carpet event, and there is tons of different media representatives there pestering the celebrities with questions. Boys? They are asked about there roles, how they developed the character, where they see there life going, mainly things about their career. Girls? They are asked about who they are wearing, told that they look good, asked who they are dating or who their “newest crush” is, asked about there male co-stars. But, absolutely nothing about their career.

Think about it, that would be like during a job evaluation, while all your male co-workers get asked about what they do and what they find works well, etc. you (women) get asked about where they got their shoes, what makeup they wear, about how cute their male co-workers are, even if they are doing the exact. same. job.

See the problem?

A while back, Taylor Swift and the grammy museum released a series of mini-sessions with Taylor, when she talks solely about her music. She doesn’t talk about her boyfriend, or her cats, or her dress. Only her music. She goes in-depth talking about how it is made from the lyrics to the track to getting ready for the tour, etc.

This was the first time I realized the magnitude of the problem. I realized that I knew what brands she wore most, the red lipstick she likes and the names of her cats, but I didn’t know how she and Imogen Heap put the entire song together in about a day. I didn’t know how they made the track for Shake It Off. I didn’t know how she recorded Out Of The Woods.

I bet you didn’t realize how much information about a women in the entertainment business’ job until now either.

So, let’s change the conversation. I know that us, not being a part of the entertainment industry may not be able to change much, but we can at least change a little. When a celebrity or production company is asking for questions, instead of wanting to know who the actress/singer/youtuber?etc.’s boyfriend is, ask them how they made their newest item (be it a movie, show, song, album, video, whatever). Start posing more questions that have to do with their career and less about their personal life.

You ready to take on the challenge? Let’s start changing the conversation in 3, 2, 1.

Sydney Xx


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