Being A Muslim: An Angel’s Experiences

Hullo peoples! Sorry for the late post but today was so hectic….actually this week was hectic but never mind now as there’s a new post! YAY! Anyway, so this week is free theme week as you can tell and I know I said on Twitter I’d talk about the Jenners vs Malala but that’s actually going to be part of our theme next theme (did that make sense?). I won’t tell you what it is but I love it and I’m so excited for the post! Anyway, I love talking about my religion whenever someone asks me about it and I know you guys didn’t really ask me about it but I mean I’m not preaching. I’m just going to talk about some of my experiences with being a Muslim and a bit of my story. Now the biggest note/warning I have (and what is the biggest thing I stress) is that THIS IS MY STORY. NOT ANYONE ELSE’S AND IT IS NOT THE FULL AND TRUE REPRESENTATION OF ISLAM. If you want to know about Islam, the best thing to read is the Quran. If you can’t do that, check out a mosque and ask! I’m sure everyone would love to help you out (I sure would!). And that goes for whether you’re just curious or if you’re even thinking about converting or knowing more about your religion. Anyway, now to my story!

So I was born a Muslim and as far as I know, everyone in my ancestry has been a Muslim but don’t take me on my word on the latter bit. Anyway, so I grew up as a Muslim in western society which can be, as you can imagine, a little bit interesting. The reason for me why it was interesting was that I was usually the only Muslim PERSON in school. Not kidding when my family and I found out that a Muslim boy went to my middle school we became friends with them near immediately! They’re pretty cool but we kinda grew apart when they moved. Anyway, high school was interesting for me as now there were more Muslims and some of them were girls!! Now you all think I’m probably crazy for freaking about that but sometimes it was hard to grow up without Muslim friends in your school especially when you went to Sunday School and everyone there went to the same schools so they had people to talk to whereas I only saw them on Sunday! And holidays but you get the point. And that’s part one of my interesting Muslim experiences.

Part 2 was that though for the longest while I didn’t go to school with Muslims, my friends were pretty awesome about me being a Muslim. They didn’t make jokes, they knew my religion’s limits on some things and whenever it was Ramadan during the school year, they were always really careful about eating in front of me; making sure that even though I was sitting at the lunch table with them and wasn’t eating, that they were still okay to eat in front of me. In all honesty, that’s one of my favorite memories of my non-Muslim friends and religion. I remember I moved away and came back a couple of years later and when I was fasting during school one day, one of my classmates asked why I wasn’t eating and one of my friends who I grew up with knew that I was fasting for religious reasons and I’m pretty sure she said it before I did. Do you know how amazing that is? In all honesty, I was extremely lucky growing up; I know that there are many people out there some of whom were in my school, who would make fun of Muslims or anyone they thought was a Muslim just because of 9/11. So it felt good to grow up with such supportive friends.

Part 3 of being a Muslim goes to the unfortunate stuff. The jokes and the teasing. I’m not going to lie but there were some people in my life who I thought were friends of mine (none of these are people I talked about before) who I spent a lot of time with. One of them actually was someone I could have considered as almost a best friend. Unfortunately, for the first year that we were friends, I didn’t totally see how bad the jokes were. Yes, a couple of my friends would make jokes about Muslims and terrorists and I would get mad and tell them to stop and they said they would. But it happened several times. Each time I would forgive them saying that they’re my friends, they know it’s a joke, they said it would stop. The next year though something happened, I’m not sure what exactly, but it felt like someone took down the blinds and I saw everything wrong with it and after one joke I stopped being friends with the people who made jokes. I haven’t talked to them like I used to since (polite words have been exchanged but that’s because ya kind of have to) but I don’t regret what I did for a second. The only thing I do regret is spending so much time with them before instead of the people I now call some of my closest friends. Anyway, the experience did help me learn not to trust too easily and to be firmer with my anger when people try to make jokes about terrorism, 9/11 or Muslims.

This isn’t everything certainly but this is all I could think to fit at such a late time that would be of the most benefit and that wouldn’t be that generalist. All and all though, that’s some of my experience as a Muslim. I hope you guys did learn a little bit more, even if it was just about me, but remember this is just MY experience. This in no way is a true and accurate representation of Islam. Please discuss any questions you may have about Islam with someone in a mosque or look it up in the Quran. Thank you guys, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Angel, Avid Reader

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