The One Where I Lack Inspiration {An Overthinking Teenager}


This week is free theme once again, and I will openly admit that I can’t really think of anything to write about, so I’ve decided to highlight and summarise a few posts I’ve done on my personal blog, Mixolydian Musings, that fit this blog. Hope you enjoy!

  • OK, first up: this is an Open Letter to All The Keyboard Warriors. I wrote this after one of my bloggy friends had a bit of an issue with a ‘keyboard warrior’, and the Blog Squad had a big Twitter advice-and-hugs session. I decided to write it to vent some of my frustration, in the hope that maybe some future keyboard warrior might read it and change their ways…
  • This post is about how humans have a tendency to judge each other at first sight, even without meaning to.
  • This is just a casual mini epiphany I had about what music really is (ft. Mickey Mouse and Spongebob gifs, so it’s gotta be worth reading, right?!)
  • This post about ‘you were born to be real, not to be perfect’ was pretty much just a coping mechanism after I had a major teenager meltdown back in March. Still, may be relatable cos y’know, teenagery stuff.
  • And finally, this post is a discussion post about social media – is it as bad as everyone says, and what do ten billion likes (I exaggerate. A little bit) really mean in real life?

Did you relate to any of these posts? Have you written something along the same lines? Feel free to share in the comments down below!

Thanks for reading!

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