My Favourite Charities

Before I start, it is without a shadow of doubt true that all charities do valuable work and should be supported. Just because I don’t mention a charity in this post doesn’t mean I don’t support it or think it’s worthwhile.

Some of the charities I donate to regularly are ones that I have an emotional attachment to, in particular Cancer Research and East Cheshire Hospice. These charities mean a lot to me, because just over 4 years ago in October 2011, my Nana died of cancer in that hospice.

I support the hospice because everyone there was so kind and generous in what I can describe as one of the darkest times in my life. To all the staff who worked and continue to work there, it isn’t just a job. They care about and look after everyone there with bright smiles and a caring attitude. They not only care for the patients, but for their family and friends.  At the time, my cousin was a young toddler who didn’t understand and needed entertaining. Everyone there was so happy to help out and always willing to make a cup of tea, when we needed it.I am absolutely terrified of hospitals but they managed to make this somewhere they could provide medical care when needed, but was also warm and homely.  I am truly grateful for everyone there who made my Nana’s last days as comfortable as possible and looked after me and my grieving family. I don’t know I would do without them.

Less than 20% of their funding comes from the government, meaning for the rest they rely on donations. I can’t imagine a family going through what we did without having the support of the hospice, so I donate in memory of my Nana, but also to give others the same peace and happy memories about their loved one’s last days

In my mind, cancer research is just as important. They search for a cure, in the hopes that in the future no families will have to suffer through the pain of cancer. This is a more long term goal and it can sometimes be hard to see where your money is going, but I donate for a future where my children’s or grandchildren’s lives won’t be touched by cancer. I donate in the hope for a generation that thinks of cancer as a thing of the past. Almost everyone’s lives have been affected by cancer in some way and Cancer Research aims to stop that.

On their website it is written “450 people survive cancer everyday because of research.” For me, it is amazing to think that my cake sale money or my spare change has helped them to achieve that and I hope that as I keep donating, they’ll keep achieving and soon that number will double, triple until eventually we live in a world without cancer.

This has been quite an emotional post for me today, but I hope you enjoyed hearing about my favourite charities and that this made you think about why you donate to charity and what your hopes are for our world in the future. Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your story.



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