Women and the World of Sport

Hey guys!

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a veeerry long time. I am such a keen sports enthusiast, with swimming being my main sport, and I always love watching things such as the Olympics, Paralympics, and World Championships of some kind on the TV (I’ve never been lucky enough to actually get tickets to see these events live, unfortunately!)

One of the things that really bugs me about particular sports, including Rugby and Football, is that they are so male dominated, especially in the media. When we talk about the FIFA World Cup, we think of players like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney… they’re all superstars, but why aren’t the female footballers playing at this level as popular with the everyday members of the public?

Personally, football isn’t a sport I take particularly seriously, as in I will watch a game if my dad is watching it, but apart from that I don’t really bother. And I am one of many who wouldn’t be able to name a successful female footballer, either.

On the other hand, in sports like tennis and swimming, it is made very clear that the match or race you are watching is for women or for men. So we can name famous athletes of both sexes- Serena Williams, Novak Djokovic, Maria Sharapova, Rafael Nadal… I don’t see why football isn’t categorised in the same way.

I understand that sports like rugby can be seen as more “dangerous”, so it is argued to be a more “masculine” sport, but that shouldn’t stop women from playing it, or at least being interested in it. It shouldn’t be why mothers tell their daughters that they’re not allowed to play rugby, because it’s “too dangerous”, and that it’s “a sport for boys”. No sport is for a particular gender.

Sport is there for people to have fun, and to be healthy. If I had a daughter who wanted to play rugby, I would encourage her to do so, because at least she’d be able to give it a try, and see whether she likes it before deciding to continue, or if it isn’t something she’d be interested in.

The same thing can be said for “feminine” sports, such as dance, or even gymnastics. I’ve said before that I know someone, a male, who was amazing at ballet, but gave up because they were bullied. Severely. I also know someone who is in my year at school who has the potential to represent Great Britain in Gymnastics in the next Olympic Games. This person is also a male.

These examples are from my experience, living in the UK. But I know that in other countries, things are different. In an ideal world, every sportsman would be equal- so why isn’t it?

What do you think?

-The Storyteller

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3 thoughts on “Women and the World of Sport

  1. Appletaile says:

    Ugh, I really hate how we still have gender roles for sports — like, girls do fitness, gymnastics, dance, netball & rounders, whereas boys have football, cricket & fives. Just. I don’t understand why? Like, if you want to encourage a society without sexism then I’m pretty sure enforcing stereotypes from a young age isn’t the way to go. :/
    It’s good to see progress being made with women’s football coverage in the UK, though! It seems so weird to me that when people talk about football teams, it’s always automatically assumed they’re talking about the male teams. (Mostly because those are the main ones on TV. But, yeah. IMPROVEMENT IS HAPPENING.)
    Great post! 🙂


  2. Luna Cooler says:

    Did you ever notice that white women are usually portrayed more not as sportswomen doing their sport, but as more “feminine” women doing traditionally feminine things; women of color, especially black women, portrayed as sportswomen doing their sport? I read that in this book called Modern Misogyny and I realized that it was true in many sports magazines!

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