Hello everyone! So this week is a free theme week and I thought I would talk about #WonderWomanWednesday. I found out about it after a friend on Twitter was tweeting using the hashtag. I am not too clear about how/when/why the hashtag is around as it mostly seemed to just be pictures of Wonder Woman. That is not what I thought of (surprisingly) when I thought about #WonderWomanWednesday. Instead, my mind was brought back to my post a couple of weeks ago called Normalizing Supergirl and I thought it was a feminist thing.  When I actually clicked on the hashtag though and found out it wasn’t (as far as I could see) I was quite disappointed and let me tell you why:

Society/the hashtag was missing out on a very valuable feminist “promotion” opportunity. 

You probably know where I’m going with this but stick around anyway. So I was annoyed actually by this hugely missed opportunity and so I thought I would write this post and see if we can maybe take that opportunity. I’m thinking that maybe next Wednesday, everyone takes a picture of themselves (yes, you too men!!) and posts it on Twitter, Facebook, Insta (etc) with the hashtag #WonderWomanWednesday. Why do this and why guys too? Because feeling empowered is – and not too feel too basic but hang on – quite a powerful thing too feel. Yes it sounds dumb saying it that way but doesn’t it just feel awesome being in control and happy and powerful for even a short time? That wonderful feeling is what I want to accomplish with this idea. I will warn that being the private person that I will post a picture of an angel instead of my actual face but that’s more for personal, security reasons than because I’m a flake and horrible.

Now in lieu of this, I just thought of something you could post instead of/with a picture of yourself. If you are a private person/don’t like posting pictures of yourself, I challenge you to write why you are powerful and amazing with the hashtag. I am definitely going to do this. It may be out of your comfort zone to talk about yourself but do it anyway. I am certainly not going to judge and whoever does is not worth talking to in the first place.

Anyway, I encourage you to take part next Wednesday in this hopefully worldwide thing and who knows, maybe this will trend?! Thank you, can’t wait to see all your posts, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Avid Reader

If you want to see/hear more from me, check out my Find Us page and follow me on the social media listed there! See you!


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