Let Me Help You by Mama Twitter

Hello everyone! It’s Mama Twitter (aka Fantasy Angel) here and this week and next week’s theme is Mental Health if you have not noticed. Today’s post will feature some tips to hopefully help you or anyone else with mental health problems.

Now to get started let me tell you why I call myself Mama Twitter. So about a month ago, I realized on Twitter that I was helping a lot of people and giving a bit advice. Some followers and friends also noticed and so we thought it was funny to call me Mama Twitter and now the name has stuck. Thus my alter alter ego is Mama Twitter, a person who you can most definitely come to anytime and talk to and receive advice from. In other words, I’ve become like those newspaper advice columnists except I’m online/on Twitter. Why am I telling you all this? Because, Mama Twittter/I am someone you can talk to if you need any help whatsoever or if you want to rant to me about anything thus becoming tip #1.

Tip #2 is for all those who have panic/anxiety attacks. Now this is only slight proven as I do this and, at my suggestion, a friend named Nicole K did it and it worked for the two of us but here goes. So when you get a panic attack you can do a couple of things and they are:

(1) think of things that make you happy and just list them off. If it helps to write them down to focus on them, do it. Just stay focused on that.

(2) reach into your mind and starting actively building up white walls, blocking out all the things that bother you (I do this one the most).

(3) take deep breaths and focus on something going on around you. Just like number two, block everything out except for that one thing.

Tip #3 is for those who have depression. What I suggest – and this is just advice, I’ve never truly been depressed – is to think of things that make you happy or could make you happy and do at least three of those things. If you have only one or two happy activities, try something new. Do something that is (potentially) enjoyable and then repeat it because even if you may not like it or feel happy the first time, you fake it till you make it and are happy. It may take a short time or a long time but just try it and see how you feel after doing it. Also, and I just saw this in a tweet from author , “Say one nice thing to yourself every day, even if it’s ‘You did a great job not murdering anyone today.'” Add little sticky notes around you saying nice things about you or about things you love, and maybe things will start to look up.

Tip #4 is for those whose friends, family or acquaintances are suffering from mental health issues. Some things to do to help are:

(1) don’t dismiss the issue in the first place. You may not see that your friend, relative or acquaintance is suffering from a mental health problem but if they think/say they are, then they feel that way and dismissing it only makes the one with the issue feel worse.

(2) ask what is going on and why they feel the way they do. It may be a simple problem with a simple solution that you can see clearly but feels too big for your friend/relative/acquaintance.

(3) support them in getting better. Try to help them get better for as long as it takes. And if it never does, then you will have still tried and that’s tons better than doing nothing and/or making it worse.

All in all, I hope I’ve helped at least one person today with this post and that you will take something away from this. I wanted to remind you before you leave that again, I’m here for you! Contact me whenever and I’ll definitely get back to you. If you read just a bit below, you’ll see links to my blog and other social media, and you can definitely contact me there. Seriously, please please PLEASE do not hesitate to talk to me or rant to me. I’m here to listen and/or give advice. Thank you, have a great day and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Avid Reader

If you want to see/hear more from me, check out my Find Us page and follow me on the social media listed there! See you!

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