Reblog: The F bomb: why everyone needs it

Elly here! As it’s my day today and our theme this week is men and feminism, I thought I’d share this post with you that Elm shared with us all on Twitter. It really is a fantastic post and you should all read it!

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I need it and you need it too. Yes, even boys. Feminism is about boys too.

As we all know- or as we all should know- feminism is about equality on all aspects; social, political and economial. Contrary to popular belief, feminists believe in complete equality between genders, even if that means that if they commit a crime their punishment will be the same as their male counterpart’s. Feminism isn’t about asking for women to get off Scott-free. It’s about asking to be treated as an equal, not as a child.

Is it fair that when my parents applied to be homestay parents for transfer students, only my dad was asked for his fingerprint? No.

“Oppressed” guys think that feminism is a threat to their masculinity. The real threat to masculinity is the idea that males must fit under a certain ideal. The real threat to masculinity is life…

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