Normalizing Superman

Last week I talked about Normalizing Supergirl and because of that, we’re talking about Men and Feminism. I, of course, am happy about that because I get a chance to do as I said in the last note in the post and write about Normalizing Superman.

We talk about Superman quite often in regards to men and strength. I mean, in many people’s minds, he’s the comic book epitome of strength and he’s one of the first people young boys and men look up to. We also use that when we talk about our fathers, brothers, friends, husbands and so on. On Father’s Day you surely see so many things that basically say, “My father is my Superman” and I love that because men should also feel empowered. Like The Feministas and I have said before, feminism is for everyone! Everyone should feel empowered and equal to one another. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from saying that feminism is a feminine thing and that only women gain something from it. As a way to combat this idea and to help increase male empowerment, I encourage/challenge you to tweet, text, say, “You’re a Superman in every way” to a man/boy/guy. Actually, multiple men.

To further show you why this is needed, here’s another reason: everyone needs a little boost in their life. That seems like such a simple idea/problem that can easily be fixed but for guys it doesn’t happen as often on an emotional level. Men are taught that they need to be strong (like Superman) and to hide their emotions. Well, I say that is a horrible lesson. Thus, instead of just telling a guy they’re Superman, add on something extra to make it connect on an emotional level whether it be a hug or the extra words of “in every way”, anything works. And I know it sounds stupid and corny but it needs to be done because the idea that a man needs to be strong and ripped and unemotional is absolutely dumb to me. Thus, I believe that though I’m one in a sea of over 7 billion other people, I’m going to help change this and I hope you help me too. To help, take the challenge and tell multiple guys they’re Superman and then add on something like a hug or the extra words of “in every way” or “not just in strength”. Something.

Anyway, thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Avid Reader

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One thought on “Normalizing Superman

  1. Luna Cooler says:

    While it’s true that many female feminists want equality for both genders, unfortunately this is not the case everywhere. While I don’t agree with all the things in the link I’m providing, I cannot deny the events they mentioned:
    You see, there’s equality feminists–most of them–and gynocentric feminists, the minority. However, seems like the gynocentric feminists have put off so many people that now there are still many people warily approaching the HeForShe movement, and a lot of other people who think feminism is useless and bad for men, even though studies show women who identify as feminists have more positive relationships with men and a healthier self-esteem. I got that from Modern Misogyny, by Kristin J. Anderson.

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