Why Men Need Feminism: ‘Unmanly’ Sports

Why Men Need Feminism_

As you may know this time the theme on The Feministas is why men need feminism. When I heard of the theme I almost immediately thought of my grandfather.

When my grandfather was young he used to practice ballet, and he was very good at it. So good, he could’ve gone to England to join Margot Fonteyn’s ballet, if it weren’t for his parents, who disallowed him to continue on with ballet and made him join the army. After all, ballet isn’t for men and ‘ballet can turn you gay’.

Of course this is ridiculous: how can a sport turn you gay? But sadly there was no one that made them see reason and my grandfather had to quit ballet. Ballet was and still is one of his biggest loves and passions, and I just can’t imagine that as a parent, you can tell your kid ‘no, you can’t do that’, when you know it makes them happy. When it’s something they’re good at and they can succeed at. Why would you do that?

I shared this story with you (in short), because sadly there are still many sports and hobbies that are thought of as ‘feminine’ and thus ‘unmanly’. Men shouldn’t perform those sports or enjoy those hobbies (i.e. ballet and other forms of dancing, sewing, knitting and anything else related to fashion etc.), because they’re supposed to be strong and manly, they shouldn’t be elegant dancers or draw dresses. And I ask you: WHY THE HELL NOT? Who has decided what is okay for women and what’s okay for men to do? Who has decided: you’re a girl, so you should do ballet, but you’re a boy, so here’s a football. Girls can play football, boys can do ballet. They can do both, as long as they enjoy it and it makes them happy (speaking of which, my grandfather was also a goalkeeper later in his life). Who gives a damn about it? As long as they’re happy, shouldn’t you be happy?

Men need feminism, just as much as women do, because both genders just  should be able to do whatever they want, without others telling them it’s ‘gay’ or ‘un-ladylike’. So to all of you reading this: please don’t care about what others might think. If it makes you happy, do it. If you have the opportunity and the chance, if no one is physically stopping you, if you can, then do it.

Michelle is an 18-year old book and writing blogger who blogs at The Writing Hufflepuff, where she also talks about personal things and other interests. You can also tweet her at @writingbadger.


20 thoughts on “Why Men Need Feminism: ‘Unmanly’ Sports

  1. Melody says:

    Great post and great topic! I really hope these kinds of stereotypes go away asap–god knows how many talented people we’re losing because of it!
    By the way, your grandfather sounds like a really cool person 😉

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  2. Gina says:

    Totally agree with this post. My ten year old son does ballroom and Latin dancing and is good at it. He also does Taekwando. He has a love for drama and also obsesses over video games. He doesn’t fit into a gender stereotype, he’s just himself and I love him that way 😀

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  3. Luna Cooler says:

    In response to who decided what is appropriate for girls and what is appropriate for boys–basically, stereotypes come as a side effect to our evolutionary survival skills. We humans love sorting. Probably why Hogwarts decided to sort people into houses. In early days, sorting was good to stay away from things like hungry lions and poisonous beetles. It would be a good survival skill to classify all lions as hungry and dangerous–never mind about docile lions, because this is survival and people don’t have time for exceptions. However, this survival skill does not work well with modern society. It’s carried over into associating all girls with ballet, pink, and motherhood; boys with football, fighting, and showing poker faces. It’s carried over into thinking all Slytherins are evil (dang you, Voldy!) and Hufflepuffs are dumb (despite the fact that a Hufflepuff found out the properties of seven). This also goes for race and other discriminations. Whether we like it our not, we are all biased in some way because of that survival skill.

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    • thewritinghufflepuff says:

      Hmm I had never thought of it that way! It makes sense, though I wish it didn’t: if it’s because of our need to survival, and thus instinct, it’s much harder to deal with! Very interesting, thanks for sharing! 🙂


      • Luna Cooler says:

        It’s also why many peeps think that all feminists are ugly man haters who love abortion. The man haters are actually a minority, like Valerie Solanas (ever heard of her?), and I think people’s opinions of what is considered ugly are slightly varied, and I actually don’t support abortion. Don’t kill me. Please.

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      • Luna Cooler says:

        Just to give you a head start, Solanas charged men for conversations, shot a guy named Andy Warhol and then stalked him (he survived the gun) and wrote this thing called SCUM Manifesto. She was also a lesbian who had heterosexual sex. Poor thing was traumatized by abuse from her dad. I’ve told Elly this too. SPREAD DA WORD!!! XD


  4. Kayleigh says:

    I hate the stereotypes that surrounds gender and sports. It annoys me that this is still something that happens because I personally don’t see anything wrong with a boy taking cooking classes or dance lessons. I don’t see anything wrong with a girl wanting to take up wrestling or football. If this is something that makes you happy then you should be allowed to enjoy that without the judgement that follows these sterotypes that have developed over the years. It’s kind of like the stereotypes that surround girl toys and boy toys. Some people will not let their child play with dolls if they’re a boy or race cars if they’re a girl. I don’t see a problem with this because at the end of the day a toy is just a toy. I wish, and can only hope, that one day more people think like this. Great post by the way!

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    • thewritinghufflepuff says:

      Exactly! Sports are just sports and toys are just toys. Why are we attributing genders to them?? I believe it’s in Finland where in the toy catalog you see boys and girls playing with all kinds of toys, regardless their gender and it’s great! I remember going through a toy catalog myself a few years ago (for the games section haha) and I came across ‘the book for girls’ and ‘the book for boys’ and it was ridiculous. I was so outraged.
      Same! I hope things change soon.
      Thanks 🙂


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