Misconceptions of Feminism

There is a lot of stigma and assumption when it comes to Feminism. We have reached a point where when people hear the word feminist there thoughts instantly turn negative. They think of what’s “wrong” with that word and ways they can disassociate themselves with it. Somehow over the years people have lost what it truly means to be a feminist.

Merriam Webster states feminism is “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities”

A feminist isn’t just someone fighting for the rights of women. It is someone who sees the need for change in the world to bring equality for both women and men.

Over the next two weeks myself and the other Feministas will be talking about why men need feminism. Yep that’s right feminism isn’t just about holding the belief and fighting for the rights of women. It isn’t about women and men fighting solely for the equality of women. It is about women and men who hold the belief that there should be equal rights and opportunities for all.

When researching for what to write in this post I found one very common thing: People saying feminists don’t really want equality because they don’t believe men need it.

This is not true.

Equality goes both ways. Feminists do campaign for the rights of men. For today I will not go into a lot of detail but I will tell you why men need feminism too. Each one of these issues needs to be addressed thoroughly and independently at a later date but for now here is a short description…

1) “Man Up”- This is the most popular topic when people think of equality, feminism and men. The pressure that men face to aspire to societies expectation of the manly perfect image. This can have serious and damaging consequences to the mental health of men and needs to be addressed.

2) Rape- There are a lot of ad campaigns that focus solely on women but yes as much as some people like to pretend it doesn’t happen and the media continues to shun it. Rape is real and can happen to either gender.

3) Parental rights- Governments have came a long way in creating laws and legislations to give fathers parental rights but there are still some very big issues to conquer.

4) Domestic Abuse- This happens and it is NOT okay to make fun of and ridicule and shame someone who has been domestically abused. Which is sadly very common when people hear of male domestic abuse victims or see it happening.

5) Mental Illness- This relates to all of the topics above particularly number 1) “Man Up”. Society wrongly suggests that men cannot be mentally ill or hurt because they should just “toughen up”. No. Mental Illness is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

For today I simply wanted to address this misconception of feminist beliefs and introduce our upcoming theme that men need feminism. As well as address some of the very important inequalities that men face in societies today.

– Cora @ SmalltownBookworm

If you live in the UK and want to talk to someone about any of the issues mentioned above you can find contact numbers on the NHS website here.

Global Helplines

If you haven’t found somewhere you can contact have a look at the helplines tag on Tumble there are a lot of posts there to help you with links to contact numbers. Anonymous and otherwise.


6 thoughts on “Misconceptions of Feminism

  1. huckleberryfrienduniverse says:

    Great post. I went through your about page and am really glad to see young feminists come forward and encourage discussion around such topics. Especially focusing on the ‘men’ bit (and other genders as well). I am really looking forward to what each one of you has to say.. Here’s my insight on what is feminism and what it is perceived as.. do have a look if it helps.. https://huckleberryfrienduniverse.wordpress.com/2015/07/21/the-f-word/


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