Normalizing Supergirl*

When the word Supergirl comes up, what’s the first thought that pops in your head? Is it the new awesome show on CBC? A female version of Superman? Here’s another question: do you ever think about you? Yes, you. Sitting or standing right there, reading this post. What about you? Maybe you’re not a girl and you’re reading this, so do you think about your mother/sister/aunt/daughter as Supergirl? Either way, I bet it doesn’t come up often even with all the feminism lying around but it should.

And it should make sense.

There are about 1.01 males for every 1 female in the world according to the CIA Factbook and there are 611 female superheroes add or take a few. Now those statistics are pretty good in terms of the fact that there are a lot of females superheroes that people can admire. However, even though women make up about half the world and there are a ton of superheroes, women don’t usually get enough credit, and I’ll be honest with you, I don’t know 98% of the female superheroes out there. So let’s be honest here, it’s a bit hard for those who read or like comics and such to feel like they’re getting representation. Thus I bring the idea/question to you (which is certainly not new), why isn’t being a mother counted as a female superhero? Why isn’t a regular girl/woman counted in that? Why do I have to have radioactive powers to be put on that list?

The answer: because we talk the talk but we don’t walk the walk.

That’s all. Yes, we say being a mother is amazing; it’s its own job for Pete’s sake! Yes, we say just being a woman is amazing because we put up with a lot. But do we truly show it? Save for mother’s day and birthdays, women aren’t shown that much love. We are sometimes dehumanized, sometimes made to feel less than, and most of the time, the idea of being woman, is just ignored in every day life. As long as you can eat, sleep and work, no one really cares that you’re doing anything else, being anything else.

Therefore I’m here to say that we should actually normalize Supergirl. That we shouldn’t just say on Mother’s Day or birthdays, “you are amazing; I love you!”; we should say it all the time. We should show it all the time. Acknowledging that a woman is a superhero doesn’t seem like much in thought, and probably hasn’t come up in your mind that much if at all, but it very much does. In all honesty, if someone – a random stranger – came up to me and said I was a Supergirl or if I overheard that being said to somebody else, I would be extremely happy. You know why? Because recognition is amazing; being acknowledged for your hard work is a great feeling and shouldn’t be taken lightly. That’s why I challenge you today to tweet, text, say, “You’re a Supergirl/Superhero” to a woman. Multiple women. And then see for yourself how wonderful those words can be. As a society, we need to normalize Supergirl and it all starts with you.

Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Avid Reader

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*Note: yes this post is about women, but even if you’re a guy, you deserve the same and don’t worry, I’ll post about that soon! πŸ™‚


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