“The brightest witch of her age”

(Quick note ahead of this post: If you see something which says “(Spoiler ahead)” and then there is a white gap, highlight the white gap to see the spoiler if you want!  Credit to Bridget for the idea)

Now, anyone who knows me or reads my blog will know that it’s no secret that I love the Harry Potter series.  Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I snagged Hermione Granger up as soon as I knew this fortnight’s (that’s two weeks for all you Americans) theme – strong female characters!  Hermione is one of my all time favourite characters, so prepare yourself for a post full of fangirling!

Where do I begin with Hermione Granger, the brightest witch of her age?

Well, not only is she pretty tough physically, (Spoiler ahead) I mean, she punched flipping DRACO MALFOY in the nose, and that in itself is amazing (come on, it’s Draco), but she also has an INCREDIBLE amount of intelligence and mental strength that really puts her a cut above the others in her year, and perhaps even her whole school!  Her ability to cast even the most difficult of spells with ease is certainly enviable, and proves that yes, girls can do as well as, if not better than, boys, and that nobody can stop that!


Hermione Granger teaches us that it’s okay to have feelings, and that it’s okay to be a girl, but that these things shouldn’t stop you from achieving great things!  She also teaches girls that sometimes, you’re going to have to step in and help the males in your life, and boys that it’s okay to let a female help you.  After all, the more minds (whatever gender) there are, the better you will likely do as there will be more ideas!

A great thing about film-Hermione is the fact that she was played by the wonderful feminist icon that is Emma Watson, who did an amazing job of portraying the character!

You go, girl!

hermione clap


So, what do you think about Hermione?  Who are some of your favourite female characters and why?  Let me know in the comments as I’d love to find out!

~Elly x

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13 thoughts on ““The brightest witch of her age”

  1. iloveheartlandx says:

    I love Hermione so much!!!!! When I was a kid, I wanted to be Hermione when I grew up, I always admired her and wished I could be that smart (still do!). She’s so awesome, definitely my favourite female fictional character ever!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Luna Cooler says:

    Hermione is incredibly strong, but the reason she’s not my favorite character is that she didn’t respect Luna Lovegood’s beliefs. Also, she called Fleur a bad name and I don’t really think Fleur did anything wrong. In addition, I think Hermione could have listened to the house-elf opinions more. Luna’s my favorite character because she is both strong, kind (because she still viewed Hermione as a friend), and smart.

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