Lois Lane: The Superhero without Superpowers

Over the last two weeks all of us here at The Feministas have talked about the importance of celebrity feminists and some famous feminists that inspire us. Now onto a more personal element the theme we will be talking about over the next two weeks is female protagonists who we love and look up to. Whether they are from books, t.v. shows, movies or comics all of us have found role models in fictional characters. Some are ones that we found when we were little and some older but all still inspire us to reach further and never give up.

To start with let us talk about one of my all-time favourite protagonists and a role model that I have looked up to since I was a very young girl. Lois Lane.

For those who don’t know who Lois Lane is. Where have you been? She is a DC Comics character that was created in 1938 in the Superman universe. Everyone knows that Lois Lane is the main love interest of the man in tights but she is much more than that. Growing up Lois was one of the first protagonists that I really looked up to because Lois Lane is more. She isn’t just one thing or a character created for one reason. Lois is anything she wants to be.

I think that was one of the reasons that drew me to Lois and relate to her because Lois Lane has no limits. She sees what she wants and she fights to get it. People can tell her she will never be able to do things and she will find a way to prove them wrong which I think is essential in a role model fictional or real. Someone who can show young people, in my case a girl, that whatever you want to be when you are older go for it! Whatever you want to try, try it!

Lois Lane has been portrayed in many different versions over the years but the most recent and widely known version is the fighting, no nonsense don’t need anyone to save me but myself. Across many different platforms including comic books, T.V. Shows and Movies. Recently author Gwenda Bond has released the first book in a series based on Louis Lanes teenage years and I can’t wait to read it and the others in the series. It’s called Louis Lane: Fallout and to quote Gwenda who loves Lois as much as I do “Lois Lane is a superhero without Superpowers.” (depending on what comic book you read)

I’m just going to leave it here as I find it hard to describe why Lois Lane is amazing in my opinion without going into a rambling rant any more than I have already. Is there any particular platform that you like Lois Lane in such as the T.V. show Smallville or a particular movie where she is a character.Or who is one of your favourite fictional female protagonists? I would love to here about it!

Make sure you stay tuned to read the other Feministas blog posts over the next two weeks!


3 thoughts on “Lois Lane: The Superhero without Superpowers

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I loved what said here and I agree with it all. It’s nice to have a role model who says you can do whatever you want. It’s good knowing that in a world where there a jobs more dominated by men and jobs that are more dominated by women that this doesn’t matter. If it’s what you want to do then go for it and ignore anyone who puts you down. It’s a strong and powerful message more people need to hear. She was always one of my favourites especially in Smallville.

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    • smalltownbookworm says:

      Can’t believe I forgot to reply to this! Exactly I love that she is a role model for so many about fighting for the career you want no matter what. There are so many gender stereotypes surrounding certain careers that it is hard for young men and women to pursue them even if it is their dream jobs.

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