This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Hint: It’s Benedict Cumberbatch!

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Hello! I’m An Overthinking Teenager, and this is my first proper, themed post on The Feministas, which, by the way, I am so proud to be a member of. Today I’m talking about the awesomeness that is Benedict Cumberbatch. “But why is he so awesome?” I hear you bemused mortals say. Well, first off there’s his hair in BBC Sherlock. YES ON SO MANY LEVELS. (Oh, and his acting in Sherlock. That’s good too.)

Wait for 0:06ish…

Then there’s him as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. Need I say more? Oh, go then, I’ll give you a few more examples…his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Watch and learn how to get ice dumped over you in style, people:

And his Beyonce walk.

And his inability to say the word ‘penguins’, despite starring in a film named, you guessed it, ‘Penguins’.


But guess what? (actually, you’ve probably already guessed from the title and the name of this blog but whatever) Benedict Cumberbatch is also a proud feminist! Yasss!

You want an example? A few years ago, Benedict told The Times his view on the use of the word ‘Cumberbitches’ as the collective noun for his fans. Here’s what he said:

“I won’t allow you to be my bitches. I think it sets feminism back so many notches. You are… Cumberpeople.

*applauds*. Nicely done, Mr Cumberbatch! Brilliantly, Benedict has recognised his fans (yay!), but also stood up for feminism by suggesting they use a less potentially derogatory term (it hasn’t worked that well, but at least he tried, eh?).

I think Benedict Cumberbatch is such a good feminist to have around, because he proves, like Tom Hiddleston, that you can have male feminists (something that some people struggle with), and that casual, almost normal sexism is present all the time – sometimes brought about by girls themselves (see Cumberbitches). And not only has he proven this, he’s spoken out about it and tried to do something about it. It’s people like Emma Watson and Benedict Cumberbatch that are going to help the world move forward – because they’re influential, they’re flippin’ good actors and they use their fame in a worthwhile way. So thank you Benedict, and thank you for reading this rather long and rambly, possibly incoherent admission of love for Benedict Cumberbatch disguised as a legitimate post.

Thank you.

An Overthinking Teenager

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12 thoughts on “This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

    • An Overthinking Teenager says:

      I think CBIs is still a thing (although possibly reduced, considering this quote was from 2013-ish, I think), and I know BC has made a big effort to get it moved towards something more like Cumbercookies…personally I kinda prefer that anyway, because of the whole Cumberbatch thing! Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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