If you’ve been to my blog before or seen my Twitter, you know I’m a huge fan of Emma Watson and consider myself a muggle version of Hermione Granger. Countless movies and political conquests later though, her role in the Harry Potter series is not the only reason I love her. The now second top reason I am a fan of Emma Watson is because of an amazing foundation she created called He For She.

He For She is a foundation that not only promotes feminism, but also encourages men to join in too. Now you may be asking, “but men were feminists before her foundation. What do you mean?” Well let me tell you:

Feminism was previously thought of as a mostly female based cause, probably due to either two things:

1) either due to the fact that people think feminism is only women trying to beat men in the life (which it’s definitely not about) or…

2) the fact that feminism as a word seems very feminine and girly. Basically something not meant for guys to call themselves.

Emma Watson turned these thoughts around though by saying that feminism is not just for women to fight for, that men should want to be a part of the cause too because


not women trying to beat out men. In today’s society, women are paid less than men (women make 75 cents for every dollar a man makes), women who show emotions are seen as weak, “just being a girl”, and they can’t do their job and woman who stand up for what they believe in are….not called very nice names. But that’s just the injustice to women. For men, the injustice is that men can’t be emotional out in public for fear of being called “less than (a man)”. Of course there are more injustices to men and women due to society’s thinking but the ones above are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

All in all though, it is my belief that there should be no reason that you or anyone else is not a feminist and thanks to Emma Watson and her He For She campaign, many other people are starting to believe the exact same thing; feminism is for everyone.

To learn more about He For She and what they do, click here.

Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

~Fantasy Angel, Avid Reader

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